Not a love purer than your sister's

Siblings, the soul of our childhood and the intensity of our youth, the part of your family who can leave you happy and annoyed, at the same time. There’s so much they add to our lives. And then comes this one day to celebrate the bond you share.

Rakshabandhan reminds us of the reunion, sweets, the bash that you experience and of course the rushing emotions that choke your throat, once you realize that the day is about to conclude.

Every bit of the day, that you want to soak in.

The thread of love, that carries with it traces of memories, trails of promises and so much more is something which forms the basis of the festival.

There’s not an emotion purer than a sister tying Rakhi to her brother’s wrist. The ritual is followed by the Brother gifting her sister with a memento of love, which could be anything, from a dress to a piece of paper with a heartfelt note.

A bond that remains untouched by distance, by time, by every and anything that has the power to influence human relations. All it needs is purity and faith that defines the togetherness.

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