Navratri: Know ingredients and method of Ram Navami Havan

Mar 31 2020 02:54 PM
Navratri: Know ingredients and method of Ram Navami Havan

The festival of Navaratri started from 25 March and everyone was seen celebrating this festival with great pomp, but this time everyone celebrated this festival in their homes. Navami is on 2 April and Havan is done on this day. Ram Navami is on 2 April. Today we are going to tell you the method and ingredients of Havan on this day.

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Incense burner - Mango wood and mango pulp. Peepal stem and bark, vine, neem, Palash sycamore bark, sandalwood, Ashwagandha Brahmi, mulathi root, camphor, sesame, rice, clove, cow's ghee, googal, cowpea, cardamom, sugar, wood of navagraha, Panchameva, dry coconut and gola and barley. You will find all this stuff at the normal grocery store. All of you can get it from the grocery store, it is an essential ingredient and no one will stop you from buying it.

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Method - Before performing Havan, those who have to sit in Havan, take a bath and wear clean clothes. If the scriptures are followed, then if the husband and wife do havan with the couple, then it gets its full result. Make all the things mixed with honey and ghee and make incense stuff. For this, first set the Havan Kunda in a clean place and after this, light the fire in the Havan Kund with mango wood and Karpoor. After this, after the Ghee, offer 'Mata' in the name of Mother with the mantra 'Om Hri Klein Chamundayai Vichchai Namah' and then offer 3 or 5 times by name to all the deities. After this, perform Havan 108 times with complete Havan material. Now after the Havan is complete, perform Aarti with camphor and ghee lamp. Now after this, Mata Rani should be offered Kheer, Halwa, Poori and Chana and after the Havan is done, make Kanya banquet.

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Kanya Bhoj- This time we all know that it will not be possible to get Kanya Bhoj, so if you want, you can also worship Kanya of your house and give food and give Dakshina. If there is no girl in your house, then you can worship the mother in the temple of the house and offer different types of bhog to them and you can offer the material to the mother.

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