Brining pink stones becomes big challenge in the construction of Ram Mandir

Lucknow: A new challenge is now being coming to fore in the construction of Rammandir in Ramarri Ayodhya. The Bharatpur District Administration of Rajasthan has banned stone extraction from the pink bhats mines of Banshipaharpur in Rajasthan, the only one to remain intact for 5000 years. While the Sriram Janmabhoomi Tirtha Trust plans to order 4.5 lakh pink stones with a great capacity worth about Rs 36 crore.

The preparation for the construction of rammandir, which lasted for thousands of years from the pink stone  has been completed in Rajasthan's Bharatpur.  L&T will prepare 1200 paying from cement-morang and ballast in a 60 metre deep foundation by inviting excessive instruments and strengthening it from the stone beams of Rajasthan.

At the same time, the foundation is to become a three-storey rammandir on a ground floor of one lakh five thousand 147 sq ft in about two and a half acres, 49.24 metres high, 49.24 metres above the pink stones of Banshepaharpur. All the buildings and forts that have been standing in India for quite some time have been built with this stone. Most of the temples of Akshardham, The Parliament House, The Red Fort are made of stones of Banshepaharpur. Devendra Patel, owner of Earnest's Patel Stone Industry, said that the best quality pink sand stone is currently priced at Rs 800 per cubic metre. All the countrymen are now awaiting the early construction of Rammandir.

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