Ramadan Special: 3 places that come to life during Ramadan

May 17 2018 11:09 AM
Ramadan Special: 3 places that come to life during Ramadan

The holy month of Ramzaan starts on 16th of June 2018 this year which will last until 16th July with the celebration of Eid. This holy month is spent by Islamic followers fasting from sunrise to sunset. Most of the countries which are populated abundantly with Muslim people celebrate the month of Ramazan will full glee. The days become dull but the time after iftaari that is the night comes alive. The following is the list of places that come to life especially during the night, if you have a traveler spirit in you, this is the perfect time to go and visit these destinations.


1. Malaysia:

Malaysia is a largely Muslim populated country, which big cities like Kuala Lumpur and George town which seems to be the same during day and night but there are also small towns that light up only during the night with food and places. The government also announces a two-day holiday officially on eid for the whole country.​


2. Iran :

Iran is lit, some places are opened especially during Ramazan and zoolbiah and bamieh are eaten during iftyaari along with sharbat.



3. South Africa:

Islam is the second largest religion in South Africa. The mosques are decorated and the city of cape town is lighted up all through the month.


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