Ramiz cheated in love, nafisa gave her life... in the video, she said that it was a crying thing.

Ahmedabad: Nafisa, a resident of Vadodara in Gujarat, committed suicide by hanging herself on June 20 after she refused to marry her boyfriend. Before giving up her life, Nafisa also made a video of herself like Ayesha from Ahmedabad. In it, the deceased said that Ramiz had first said yes to her for the marriage, but later he turned away. According to media reports, Nafisa, like Ayesha, had also tried to commit suicide by jumping into the Sabarmati river in Ahmedabad, but due to the crowd around, she could not do so. So he came back to Vadodara and ended his life by hanging himself in the house.

Nafisa said in her video, "Rameez, you have done so badly to me. It means a lot is done very badly. They kept fooling me by saying yes to the marriage. I haven't come, it's wrong, man. It shouldn't have done that. I've loved you the most in life, and you've done it to me. I cheated a lot. I thought you were different, but you are just like everyone else. There is no difference between you and all. '

Nafisa, 25, cried in the video, "You didn't hold my hand even after the whole world knew it. You're very bad. I  don't understand. Your family says we have no contact with him. But i saw you there the day before yesterday. Your clothes were drying up there. How bad it has done to me. Not at home or at home. I've been here for you for four days. I'm looking for you. I didn't even tell the police. What do I say?' It is being told that Nafisa Khokhar lived with her family in The Noorjahan Park area.

She was in love with Sheikh Ramiz Ahmed, a resident of Ahmedabad. Rameez had also promised to marry Nafisa. This was also known to nafisa and rameez's family members. But, suddenly Rameez stopped talking to him, due to which Nafisa had been trying to meet him for the past several days. She also went to Ahmedabad to meet him, but the youth's family did not allow her to meet him. She was badly shattered by Ramiz's cheating, due to which she took a step like herself. Nafisa's family members have lodged a complaint against Rameez at the police station and the police are investigating.

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