Randeep Hooda, the gem of the Indian film Industry

Aug 20 2018 08:17 AM
Randeep Hooda, the gem of the Indian film Industry

In a society that forces you into a lifestyle that provides security, he chose to break the glass ceiling.

A graduate in Human Resource Management, he chose to chase his dreams. And trust me, it was no cake-walk for him. Rejections, nepotism, humiliation, everything tried to block his way. Well, as they say, determination is the weapon, one needs to carry on the path of struggle, success is sure to found then.

Randeep Hooda is the man with extreme charm contained in his eyes.

Love, relationships, and women have definitely been a part of his life, but never a wat to get into the limelight.

He rose to fame with his excellent acting skills and has maintained it with the same.

His sincerity towards his passion is something we must all learn from.

Talking about his portrayal of the male protagonist in the movie Sarabjeet, it fills our hearts with immense pride.

Randeep is said to have consumed himself completely into the character of a man, who was captured in Pakistan and spent a major part of his life in misery and as a slave.

Also, in the movie Highway, Randeep, with utter excellence, brought the character of Mahaveer alive.

The more we appreciate his work, the lesser it is.

Our heartiest wishes to the gem of the Indian film Industry, Randeep Hooda.

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