Punjab: Man rapes 65-year-old sister-in-law victim

Jul 11 2020 01:20 PM
Punjab: Man rapes 65-year-old sister-in-law victim

A new case in crime has been reported in Barnala district of Punjab. A 55-year-old brother-in-law raped his 65-year-old elderly sister-in-law. The police have arrested the accused brother-in-law, moreover, three other people living in the village are also accused of rape with the same woman are in custody.

During the investigation, these three people were found innocent, policed stated that the accused brother-in-law residing in village Sukhpura Maud in Barnala district in his lust rapped his elderly sister- in- law. The police say that apart from the brother-in-law, the woman had also accused the other three people of her own village of rape, but when the investigation was done, all three were found innocent. Apart from this, SSP Barnala had made a team (CIT) of CIA Staff, DSP, Women Inspector, and asked to investigate.

SHO Azaib Singh said that, 'On May 10, the rape victim in Sheena police station, along with her brother-in-law, accused three people of the village of rape are in custody. But the three accused of the village asked for an investigation and during the investigation, they came out innocent. The brother-in-law was guilty and has been sent to jail.'

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