Rapido Auto Service is available in 10 cities across India

Oct 16 2020 12:28 PM
Rapido Auto Service is available in 10 cities across India

Bike taxi service startup, Rapido on October 15 launched its auto services in 14 cities across 10 states. The service will allow commuters to book autos for their everyday commute from the comfort and safety of their home, said the company sources. It is said to bring standardization in the pricing between auto drivers and customers for a trip. As a hygienic measure, the captains are expected to sanitize and instructed to clean the seats and all customer accessible areas, post every ride, along with the mandatory usage of masks during the entire ride by the Captains and the passengers. Mask is made mandatory and ride will be cancelled freely, if Captains or Customers travel without masks.

Aravind Sanka, Co-Founder, Rapido, said, with the autos being the preferred way of transportation, during the pandemic and will continue post the COVID-19 pandemic after bike taxis Rapido wants to provide Auto service. Wide spread industry has only 5% existence in online market. The pricing will be on the basis of meter price with an additional minimal convenience fee. By the end of 2020, RAPIDO is planning to expand the auto services in 50 cities. The launch in 10 cities is the first phase of its establishment in 50 cities and has already on-boarded 20,000 auto Captains so far. To join Rapido service is made easy. The drivers can self-onboard themselves by downloading Rapido Captain App or calling the Rapido helpline number.

About technical assistance, each Rapido auto will be powered with Rapido's GPS technology ensuring access to continuous demand from customers around them. This also provides ability to track the raid by users and share their ride in real-time, with any one they want. Rapido Auto, like Rapido Bike Taxi service, comes with in-app feedback mechanism to allow for and ensure a safe and consistent experience for commuters.

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