This company starts bike taxi service in India

May 21 2020 04:11 PM
This company starts bike taxi service in India

Country bike operator Rapido has started operations in 35 cities across the country. The company has started work by following the guidelines issued by the Central Government for Lockdown 4.0. According to the bike taxi operator, the Bike Taxi service will run in the Green Zone and Orange Zone. According to the new lockdown guidelines issued by the government, the bike service will not run in the Containment Zone. After the company starts this service, it will help 300,000 driver partners (called Captains by Rapido), who are connected on a bike service taxi to make a living.

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According to Rapido regarding this matter, all the safety rules will be followed during the operation, in which both the driver partner and the customers have to be accompanied. Everyone will get information about safety instructions according to different cities through app notifications, which are mandatory to follow. It is mandatory for all driver associates to keep Aarogya Setu app installed in the phone, they have to wear face masks the whole time. Sanitizer will have to be kept together and a hair net is also necessary in the helmet. The Captain (driver's partner) of Rapido has been asked to do personal cleaning and sanitize the bike regularly. After the ride, the rear seat has been specifically asked to be cleaned. The customers sitting on the bike have also been asked to wear masks. The captain will also receive a checklist of items and announcements, which he must follow before accepting the ride.

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Rapido is providing masks and sanitizers to its driver mates. Customers will also be made mandatory sanitized half helmets in addition to this, whereas earlier a full face helmet was given for a ride. If any driver or customer comes without a mask, Rapido is giving free cancellation. After each ride, the customer and the captain can react to wearing masks and not using the sanitizer by the captain. Action will be taken against those who break the rules. Container areas will also be shown in the Rapido mobile app, but the captain and the customer will not pass through those areas.

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