Rapido Unveils Exclusive Electric Vehicle Service for Women in South Chennai
Rapido Unveils Exclusive Electric Vehicle Service for Women in South Chennai

CHENNAI: In a groundbreaking initiative, Rapido, the popular bike taxi aggregator, introduced its 'Bike Pink' service exclusively for women, with the honorable Member of Parliament for South Chennai, Thamizachi Thangapandian, leading the launch ceremony this Sunday.

Thangapandian, during the service inauguration, lauded the commendable move by Rapido to provide women with a dependable mode of transportation, thus fostering increased opportunities for female empowerment. She emphasized the significance of safe mobility and enhanced employment prospects for women, highlighting Rapido's role in achieving these goals.

Expressing her appreciation for Rapido's efforts in female empowerment, Thangapandian urged the service provider to expand its reach across the city. She emphasized the critical need for last-mile transportation solutions from railway stations and bus stops and encouraged women drivers to seize this opportunity to boost their family incomes.

Rapido's 'Bike Pink' initiative has rolled out with a fleet of 25 electric vehicles (EVs) specifically designated for women facing financial challenges. This program involves comprehensive training, conducted in collaboration with various non-governmental organizations, to equip women drivers with essential safety and driving skills.

In a press release, Rapido disclosed that it currently boasts a team of over 100 women drivers providing ride-sharing services. The company has ambitious plans to increase this number to 500 within the next three months through partnerships with multiple NGOs.

Shravya Reddy, Chief of Staff at Rapido, shared that this groundbreaking service offers women drivers the potential to earn between Rs.800 to Rs.1,000 per day, translating into a monthly income range of Rs.25,000 to Rs.30,000 through the 'Bike Pink' service.

Rapido's 'Bike Pink' electric vehicles will be readily available at strategic locations across the city, encompassing major Metro Rail stations and more than ten women's colleges, ensuring accessible and convenient transportation for women in South Chennai.

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