Rare condition that makes a person allergic to Exercise

Oct 17 2020 05:03 PM
Rare condition that makes a person allergic to Exercise

For a few people,  a sweaty workout might be enough to kill them. Exercise-induced anaphylaxis is a rare condition that causes  hives, fainting, vomiting and difficulty in breathing during the workout. The symptoms can last up to four hours after it started to felt. Sometimes these can be triggered by certain foods eaten before exercise, like peanuts, shellfish, eggs or even, in few reported cases, celery. But this isn't just your average food allergy. 

Eating shellfish and sitting there? is Nothing. But eating shellfish and exercising? is a bad news for al lergic people. For those with exercise-induced anaphylaxis, the normal amount of celery antigens picked up by the blood isn't enough to bother them. But while exercising, the extra celery bits their blood is picking up causes an allergic reaction. Running and jogging is in the top of the list and other activities like dancing, volleyball, skiing and even yard work can also cause a reaction.

The number of cases reported since 1970s were only 1000 with one death. The cases were low because experts believe the people with these symptoms recognize themselves early and keep it under control by waiting a couple hours after they eat to work out and bookending their workouts with a slow warm-up and cool-down. The allergy happens when a person exercise really. During bowling people won't get but in a cardio or hip hop class, yes there is a possibility. 

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