Rare ‘Kadal Pasu’ netted off at Pudukkottai coast
Rare ‘Kadal Pasu’ netted off at Pudukkottai coast

Pudukkottai: A female ‘Kadal Pasu (Sea Cow)’, an uncommon marine species, 11-ft long and weighing around 500-kg was gotten by a fisherman alongside a male ‘Kadal Pasu’ while fishing in the ocean of Athipatnam in Pudukkottai District on Thursday. But unfortunately, the female of the netted species passed on. Official sources said that a local fisherman Sheik Dawood who wandered into the sea on Wednesday night, returned to the shore happy with a rare and big catch.

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After reaching the shore, Sheik Dawood found that a male and female ‘Sea Cow had been captured in his net. With the assistance of local fishermen, Sheik Dawood recovered the male ‘Kadal Pasu’ from his net and released it into the deep sea waters. The female ‘Kadal Pasu’, which was battling for life, passed on subsequently. On information, a Forest department officials’ team hurried to the spot and recovered the corpse of the female ‘Kadal Pasu’.

The forest officials found that the female of the species was pregnant and they attempted to at least rescue the infant live through the surgery. But their efforts were in vain. The rare baby fish also passed out. Afterward, they conducted a post-mortem on both the female ‘Kadal Pasu’ and its infant and buried their bodies at a nearby place along the seashore, the sources added.

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