Rare lizard with two mouths, tongue is blue

To this day, you must have seen a variety of snakes that have been two-faced, although a two-faced lizard is in the news these days. Yes, there is a blue tongue  lizard in australia's zoo recently that has two mouths. You may not be sure to hear this, but it is true. Yes, in fact, there is a blue-tongued lizard, but this time the lizard found is two-faced. It was reportedly handed over to the zoo by a man about 2 years ago today.


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Now the video of this lizard is going Viral Video viral on social media which you can see here. According to reports, the blue tongue and two-faced lizard have been named Lucky and are being taken care of in the zoo. The video has been shared by Riptyle Ju in California under the information received. You can see this video shared by him. "Unbelievable! You won't believe your eyes when you see this blue tongue lizard. ''

Now there are discussions on social media about the same viral video and what is watching it is surprising. In the video you can see that the lizard has two heads and 3 eyes, the third eye is located between the two ends, but only 2 eyes can be seen working. According to reports, the lizard is not poisonous but uses its blue tongue only to warn of an attack. Not only that, it can also level its body to make itself look bigger.

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