Rare 'Panchmukhi Shivling' found in pond excavation in Maharashtra, Yamdev's statue was found 1 week ago

Chandrapur: A big news is coming out of Chandrapur district of Maharashtra, in which a rare 'Panchmukhi Shivling' has been found in the excavation of a pond in Bhejgaon of the original taluka. This is the first case of getting Panchmukhi Shivling in the district. This Shivling is kept in the Hemadpanti temple on the banks of the Shilp pond. People say that a week ago an idol of Yamdev was also received from this pond. With the receipt of Panchmukhi Shivling, the importance of the history of Chandrapur has increased even more.

Let us inform that the work of excavation of ancient pond is going on in Bhejgaon of Chandrapur district. There is a Hemadpanthiya Shiva temple on the bank of this pond. The excavation work of this ancient pond is going on for the past few days. Due to excavation, Panchmukhi Shivling, considered very rare, has been found. This Shivling is made of terracotta and has red color polish. The length of this Shivling is five inches. People say that such small idols are kept in the temple of the house for worship.

Expert Arun Jhagadkar said that five idols of Mahadev have been carved on Panchmukhi Shivling. The west face of Shiva is worshiped as the Prithvi Tattva. Its north face is worshiped as water element, south face as Tejas element and east face as air element. Fighting said that the 5-faced statue is broken. Panchmukhi Shivling Pind is broken. According to Hindu culture, broken idols are not kept in the house. Such broken idols are immersed in the pond after worshiping. Panchmukhi Shivling found at the time of excavation is rare.

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