Make spongy rasgullas on first day of New Year, very easy method

The year 2022 has begun. Today, many people will greet each other on the New Year through messages, while others will go to each other's homes and wish them a Happy New Year. In this case, if you want to start the New Year sweetly, you can do it with rasgulla. Today we have come up with a method of making spongy rasgullas. You can make everyone happy by making spongy rasgullas on New Year's Eve. Let us explain.

Ingredients for making spongy rasgullas-
Full Cream Milk
lemon juice
Cardamom Powder

Method of making spongy rasgullas - First boil the milk. Then turn off the gas and keep it cool a little. Now add lemon juice to the milk and mix it. By doing this, the milk will burst. Then strain the torn milk into a clean cloth and add cold water. Doing so will not taste lemon in rasgullas. Now squeeze out the milk tied in a cloth and drain all the water. Then remove the dried paneer from the cloth and knead it like flour while mashing with your hands. Then add the arrowroot to the paneer and knead it like smooth flour and then shape it into a ball in a round shape.

To make rasgulla syrup, add sugar and 2 cups of water to a fugitive and keep it warm on the gas. Now, after boiling the syrup, add the prepared rasgullas to the plate. Then cover the fugitive with a plate. Now cook rasgulla and syrup on a high flame for 15 to 20 minutes. In a short while, when the syrup thickens, add a teaspoon of water to it. In the meantime, keep in mind that the syrup always boils. In this way, add only 1 to 2 cups of water to the syrup, and mix cardamom powder in it for aroma. You will see that the rasgullas will swell and double after cooking, then turn off the gas.

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