Rashmi Desai separated from husband only after 4 years of marriage, Know reason

Feb 13 2020 04:20 AM
Rashmi Desai separated from husband only after 4 years of marriage, Know reason

Today is the birthday of Rashmi Desai, who came in the headlines from the TV show Utaran. Rashmi is a great actress and people like her a lot. She is appearing in the show Bigg Boss 13 these days and she is being well-liked in this show. The finale of this show is about to happen soon and may even become the winner of the show. Her name is joining the show with Siddharth Shukla but she has said that there is nothing like that. Today, on her birthday, we are going to tell you the deep secret of her life. Rashmi married Nandish Sandhu, the best TV actor. Both stars appeared together in 'Utaran' and both fell in love with each other. After that both got married.

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In the year 2012, she got tied up with each other in marriage but both could only last four years. 4 years later, Rashmi and Nandish lost their relationship. Rashmi Desai claimed that 'the reason for the break up of their marriage was many female friends of Nandish'. Nandish said that he was upset with Rashmi's highly sensitive behavior. When the news of their divorce was revealed, many pictures of Nandish were revealed, in which he was seen with many girls.

BB13: Siddharth revealed about his relationship with Rashmi

About her divorce, Rashmi said, "If Nandish had given 100% to our relationship then there would have been nothing wrong between us. I had no problem with his female friends nor did I ever doubt him. I did. I was busy with my work and travel. I didn't even know if he was dating anyone or not. Even if he is still doing it, he should enjoy it. If he does aspire to." After Nandish, Rashmi's name was associated with Arhaan, which you have seen in the show Bigg Boss 13.

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