Rashmi Desai apologises before entering Bigg Boss 15, find out what's the reason?

As the journey of the country's famous reality show Bigg Boss 15 progresses, the show is witnessing interesting turns and twists. Efforts are on to spice up Bigg Boss 15 more through shocking emotions to wild card entry. Rashmi Desai is now set to enter the show as a wild card entry.

Rashmi now issued a video and made a special appeal to her fans and apologised to her before stepping into the Bigg Boss house. Rashmi said in the video that her fans must have been getting a lot of questions. Why is she going to the show? Some people may be saying that it is a good decision. Rashmi says in the video that it was not a simple decision for her. Appealing to fans, Rashmi says that people gave a lot of love in the 13th season. If possible, give it this time also. I'm sorry if I do something wrong.

The same Rashmi promised that she would not make her unhappy. Going home means facing a lot of ups and downs. Rashmi says that trolls are happening day in and day out, but there are trends. The actress said she wants to go to the end of the journey which is not possible without the support of fans. It remains to be seen whether Rashmi Desai's magic can work on fans...

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