Rashmi Desai out of Bigg Boss! The furious fans threatened the makers

Big twist is going to come before the finale in the country's famous reality show Bigg Boss. This is the twist of Mid Week Eviction. Fans watching the life feed of Bigg Boss have been speculating that Rashmi Desai has been evicted from the show in the mid-week eviction. The fans of the actress have also become very worried. No one was visible to fans in the live feed. Neither in the bedroom area nor in the bathroom area. Fans guessed Rashmi Desai's eviction after the contestants didn't see a major movement in the Bigg Boss house. Some people also say that Rajiv Adatia, who has come to Bigg Boss house with special power, informed Rashmi Desai about his evict. Without knowing concrete information about whether Rashmi has become evicted or not, fans are venting anger on the makers. They are also threatening not to watch the show.

The same person wrote – Salman Khan should praise Rashmi Desai in Weekend Ka Vaar. Rashmi has played a great game without the support of any friend. Many people said that nothing is visible in the live feed. Is eviction going on in the house? One person writes – I will stop watching Bigg Boss if Rashmi Desai was unfaithful.

The same Rashmi Desai fans say that she has started watching this show because of the actress. Otherwise they would not watch this scripted show. Now what about fans' guesses. It is also not right to get upset by guessing in advance on Rashmi's eviction. In the upcoming episodes, it will be known who is out of the show.

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