'Ratan Tata' suddenly comes next to this man sitting on the plane, then what happened will win your heart.
'Ratan Tata' suddenly comes next to this man sitting on the plane, then what happened will win your heart.

Sanjeev Kaul, partner in The Healthcare's well-known company ChrysCapital, has shared an anecdote related to legendary industrialist Ratan Tata on social media. He explained how Tata had helped him in starting the startup. His story is very interesting.  

Sanjeev Kaul writes on Linkedin that in 2004 he was flying from Mumbai to Delhi on a Jet Airways flight. He was looking for investments for his new startup. In connection with this, he had gone to meet a big company in Mumbai that day for funding, but the meeting did not go well, so he was a little sad. Here, people were continuing to board the plane and on the other hand, Sanjeev Kaul was looking at his Power Point Presentation (PPT) in the laptop with a sad heart. They saw where they had gone wrong. In the meantime, the noise in the plane stops. As Sanjeev Kaul lifts his eyes, he sees Ratan Tata, the owner of the Tata Group, sitting on his side seat. Sanjeev was stunned that such a big celebrity was sitting next to him. However, after a while, he starts looking at his PPT again.

There was no discussion of Sanjeev Kaul and Ratan Tata so far that by mistake, Sanjeev dropped the juice on his tie. Seeing this, Tata immediately helped Sanjeev to clean the juice with a napkin. Then, Sanjeev thanked him and the conversation started. Further Sanjeev Kaul writes that my eyes were moist. I was saddened by the breakdown of the meeting for investment. In such a situation, when Ratan Tata saw me sad, he asked me the reason. On this, Sanjeev said that India is going to lose two scientists who want to build the country's first pharmaceutical research and development company. Now those scientists are preparing to return to the United States. Kaul said that he wanted to start a startup with two scientists and had come to Mumbai with regard to its funding. But they have tried all their options, but they have not yet received the funding. After listening to Sanjeev Kaul, Ratan Tata tied him up and asked for his number. Tata said that soon you will get a call from our group. At 9 pm after the flight's journey was over, Sanjeev Kaul received a call from the General Manager of the Tata Group. Sanjeev was stunned to hear the manager's words. The general manager of the Tata Group asked Sanjeev if you can come to Mumbai for a meeting with your two scientists the next day. Then, Sanjeev Kaul goes to Mumbai. There, tatas give ppts in front of the board, after which they get the green signal. Sanjeev Kaul has described Ratan Tata as a patriot. He said that patriot Ratan Tata helped in stopping the brain drain. Sanjeev speaks at the very beginning of the post that everyone talks about Ratan Tata, The Legend. I will talk about Ratan Tata, The Patriot.

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