Ramayan: It used to take 5 hours for Ravan's makeup

The popularity of actor Arvind Trivedi, who played the role of Ravana in Ramayana, has increased again. Who can forget that huge personality and lofty voice in the serial? Ramayan is being telecasted in lockdown. All the characters working in this superhit serial of Doordarshan are also making a lot of headlines. Arvind Trivedi who plays the character of Ravana is also in headlines. Arvind is now very old and has crossed the age of 80 years. In an interview given to the BBC, Arvind shared interesting information related to the show and shooting.

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Arvind told that Ramanand Sagar had seen his acting in some Gujarati films earlier. Because of this, he immediately selected me for this role.  Arvind told that he had shot the Ramayana for two and a half years. While there, he used to catch a local train from Mumbai and go to Umargam. Many times, he did not even get a seat on the passenger train, so he had to stand during the journey. When gradually the serial became popular, people started recognizing him. People used to ask what would happen next in the serial.

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He would smile and say that for this, keep watching the show. It took a lot of time in the makeup of Ravana. The entire time was 5 hours. He had a crown of 10 kg. The rest of the jewellery was also weighty. Before starting shooting, he used to worship Ram Ji and Shiv Ji.

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