Ravi Agarwal is Politician, a Social worker an entrepreneur and a lot more

Ravi Agrawal is one of the most successful and prominent politicians from Aurangabad, he firmly believes that a good skill set can make any person successful in today’s era. Ravi originally is based from Jalna. As he grew up, he took over his family business which was previously headed by his father Govardhan Agrawal. 

Ravi believes that the world comprises of young individuals who are bringing a change in this world with their skills. With his leadership skills and his attachment to social work, Ravi has a made a significant contribution to the society with his work.Ravi wanted to follow his father’s footsteps to do his best to contribute to the society, for his work he was also awarded the Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini award. Apart from politics, Ravi was a part of another business which was handled by his father and his brother under the name of Ram Ritesh Rolling Mill. 

However, in 1995 the steel company ran into some major trouble which led them to sell this business. At the age of 22, Ravi started yet another business of coal and iron. Working extremely hard for more than 14 years, Ravi finally bought back Ram Ritesh Rolling Mill back to his name making his father extremely proud. 

To date, Ravi has successfully opened multiple other businesses in Jalna including Hari Om Trading, Pannarukmini Food Junction and Rupam steel. The final goods from his businesses are delivered to many parts of India including Kerala, Hyderabad, Gulbarga, and many other cities.If you’re looking for inspiration on what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur, look no further.

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