Ready to form alliance with anyone except BJP- Priyanka Gandhi's big announcement

Lucknow: Congress National General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has said that her party is ready for a post-election alliance with any party except the BJP in Uttar Pradesh. However, she also accused both the Samajwadi Party (SP) and the BJP of playing the same politics. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said the Congress will continue to fight for important issues and is the main party in Uttar Pradesh, which stands for public issues.

Priyanka further said, 'The doors of the Congress are closed for the BJP, but open to other parties. The SP and the BJP are doing a similar style of politics because they are benefiting from that kind of politics. We are saying that the general public should benefit, development issues should be raised. Parties moving forward on the basis of communalism and casteism have only one agenda. They benefit each other.'

Asked if she sees the difference between the two parties, Priyanka said not on a large scale. Priyanka Gandhi brushed aside a question about the party's main political rival in the elections. She said that our main rival is unemployment, price rise, statehood and farmers' condition. This is our main opponent and we will fight against them.

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