Ever Wondered Why The 'QWERTY' Keyboard Not Arranged Alphabetically?

Jul 22 2019 02:09 PM
Ever Wondered  Why The 'QWERTY' Keyboard Not Arranged Alphabetically?

Everyone works on the computer and has become addicted to it. Its technician and speed have made the present time dynamic. That's how we talk keyboards, you've seen that not all the letters on the computer keyboard are in the same order. We're going to tell you why this happens. Today we are going to tell you today about the unique reason behind it.

You must know, the computer was invented in the 19th century by a renowned mathematician professor named Charles Babbage. So they are also called the 'father of computers'. However, since then, there have been many changes on the computer. The initial letters in the keyboard and mobile keypad start with the quartet (QWERTY). Christopher Shawls designed the quartet. The words were first used in the typewriter in 1874. At that time it was known as Remington-1.

When the shawls were determining the wording and order, they found that when the order was kept straight, the buttons were jammed and were difficult to press because of one after another. The typewriter did not have a backspace button at that time. This is why QWERTY words were introduced into the keyboard to make it easier to type. That's why keyboard keys are not in the same order.

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