6 Reasons why emergence of virtual office spaces are changing the way we work

Sep 23 2019 02:33 PM
6 Reasons why emergence of virtual office spaces are changing the way we work

The world is increasingly becoming online. Under these circumstances, a company or a business enterprise does not need to have a fixed location to work. Such a setup depends on the internet for liaison with clients and customers. Video conferencing and mobile phones are the preferred means of contacting with both clients and employees. For the sake of the physical presence, the company can rent a virtual office, which provides them with a corporate address. The employees can work from home, and not necessarily reside in the same city, as well. Today, with many businesses becoming online, the concept of virtual office in Mumbai has gained significance.

Let us now deduce six reasons why the emergence of the virtual office concept is changing the way we work.

• Improves employee productivity

Employees do not have to trudge to the office daily to work. They can do so from the confines of their homes. Hence, it takes care of one of the most irritable malaises of going to the office, the Monday Morning Syndrome. In a virtual office, the employee has the choice of timing and location. He/she can work from virtually anywhere. The only accessory they require is an internet connection to communicate with the office/colleagues or customers/clients. This concept increases the overall productivity of the employee as they have the freedom to cater to their domestic responsibilities along with their official ones.

• Save time while working for longer hours

The best advantage of a virtual office setup is that you end up saving time in spite of working for extended hours. It might seem to be an irony, but the fact is that you save considerable time commuting from your home to office and vice versa. This commuting can make you feel exhausted, as well. As a result, you end up saving time and energy that can be productively used for improving the quality and quantity of work.

• Make your business look more professional

The virtual office allows you to have a prestigious business address. It enables you to present a credible, professional, and legitimate business image. You have the freedom of choosing a virtual office address in a busy commercial centre, yet choose to work from home. Owning or renting out an office location in business-dominated areas like Nariman Point or Cuffe Parade in Mumbai can drain your resources considerably. Therefore, the virtual office in Mumbai concept allows you to use a virtual address in such locations, thereby improving your business image.

• Cost-effective

A virtual office is more cost-effective as compared to a conventional physical office. You pay for a prestigious business address while not having to pay the exorbitant rent and maintenance charges. All you need is a small space for receiving your courier and other mail. You will be working from elsewhere over the internet without having to incur high expenses on setting up a physical office unit. Therefore, you save money that the company would otherwise have spent on renting out a brick and mortar space. These savings can conveniently be ploughed back into the business to enable you to provide better customer services. You also end up saving a lot on commuting, office equipment and maintenance, and utilities. Some of these benefits can also be passed on to the clients thereby making them happy, as well. Thus, the client ends up getting quality services at a lower cost. It adds to client satisfaction, a critical aspect of business today.

• Hire the best talent

Another advantage of virtual office setup is that it allows you to hire the best talent. There is no restriction on hiring local talent. You can spread your net worldwide and attract the best talent to work for you. Having talented people working for you can improve the overall productivity of your business, thereby making your organisation surge ahead of the competition in the market. Apart from hiring the best talent, there is no need for relocating to a bigger premise. You can have a large pool of talent to help your business thrive.

• Expanding the business becomes easy

A significant benefit of working in a virtual setup is that growing the business is easy. As such expansion of business does not require renting more space, it results in savings for the company that the industry can put to better use. Such a concept is the best suited for growing companies.

Thus, the concept of a virtual office is advantageous to all the parties, like the business enterprise, its employees, and its clients. This concept is gaining in popularity because of various reasons. Here are some of them.

• Renting out space for a conventional business set up requires considerable investment. If the business location happens to be a prime one, the costs can go up considerably. A virtual office setup does not require much investment in this regard.

• The businesses that use the virtual office concept rely more on the internet for communication and collaboration with business clients. One can do this from anywhere in the world. There is no need to have a specific office for the purpose.

• Employees, as well as the business owners, have the liberty to choose their convenient times for working. It results in higher employee satisfaction, thereby increasing the overall productivity of the employee, and thus, the business.

• A lot of money goes in providing the facilities in a conventional office arrangement, especially in terms of furniture, amenities, office equipment, and so on. The businesses could save on these expenses when opting for a virtual office setup.

• A virtual office allows the business to have a prestigious business address without actually renting space in the business centre. Using this business address on their visiting cards can improve the image of the business and help it to win more clients. The only investment in the business location would be for a person or two to redirect courier material or offer customer support to the clients.

• The virtual office concept is beneficial to employees because there is no close supervision by a manager or a supervisor. The business judges the quality of work rather than how they produce it. It also reduces friction between employees that can go on to improve productivity.

Final thoughts

The virtual office concept is gaining ground in almost all cities and towns in the world. The most preferred method of communication in today’s world is the internet/email. The virtual office setup allows businesses to indulge in such communication channels. It works to the overall benefit of the company, as well as their clients/customers.

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