Recipe: Create Tasty Maggie Sandwich for kids at home in cold weather

Jul 05 2019 07:02 PM
Recipe: Create Tasty Maggie Sandwich for kids at home in cold weather

If you're a shaqine to eat Maggie, you'll love to eat Maggie again and again. But the same thing has been done repeatedly by eating Maggie, so this time you can make Maggie sandwiches at home. You've rarely heard of it but let's tell you how to make it at home. It's easy to make and will be extremely testy even in food. So let's know about its recipes.

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Oil - 2 tbsp
Cumin seeds - 1 tbsp
Onion - 60 grams
Turmeric - 1/2" 4 tbsp
Black Pepper Powder - 1/2" 4 shadespoons
Capsicum - 60 grams
Carrots - 60 grams
Water - 350 ml
Maggie Masala - 2 tbsp
Maggie - 120 grams
Salt - 1/2" 2 shadespoons
Bread Slice - As needed
Catchup - to taste
Grated Cheese - To Taste
Oil - to apply

* Add 2 tbsp of oil to a pan and heat it. Add 1 tbsp cumin seeds and mix well.

* Add 60 grams of onions and fry for a while. Later 1/2 4 tbsp turmeric, 1/2 tsp turmeric Add 4 shades of pepper powder and mix well.

* Add 60 grams of capsicum, 60 grams of carrots and mix well. Cook it from 3 to 5.

* Add 350 ml of water, 2 tablespoons of magi masala to the mixture and add 120 grams of maggi noodles and boil until all the water is absorbed.

* 1/3 of 1/2" Add 2 shades of salt and keep aside.

* Take a bread slice and put a thadi-c catchup on it. Spread well by putting Thadi-C Magi on top of it.

* Add grated paneer and add another bread slice to the top.

* Then place the sandwich in the griller and apply oil with the help of a brush.

* Then toast it till golden brown. Remove it from the griller and cut it in half.

* Your Maggie sandwich is ready. Serve it.

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