Recipe: Tasty pancakes can be made from Remaining pulses

Jul 04 2019 05:37 PM
Recipe: Tasty pancakes can be made from Remaining pulses

It is often observed that the dal in the houses gets damaged and then dumped because of not being eaten.  But before you get dal, you can also make a different dish than that. You can prepare some delicious and healthy foods from this leftover dal to prevent it from being ruined.

Today we're going to tell you something you can make. The remaining dal has brought the recipe for making pancakes. So let's know about this Recipe.

* Essential content

- 1 cup leftover dal
- 1/3 cup finely chopped carrots
- 1/2 besan
- 1 tablespoon corn flour
- 1 tablespoon spoon jowar flour
- 1 tbsp semolina
- 1/2 teaspoon salt
- 1/2 cup water
- finely chopped coriander leaves
- Tawa
- Cookie Cutter

* Recipe

- Take the remaining lentils in a utensil. You can take dal Tadka, spinach dal, chana dal, tur dal which is left behind.

- Add carrots, besan, corn flour, Jowar flour and semolina to the dal.

- Add salt and mix well.

- If the mixture is thick, add a little water.

- Add coriander leaves and mix well and make a mixture.

- Grease the cookie cutter with oil from the inside.

- Place the tawa on medium flame. Put some oil on it.

- Then place the cookie cutter on the pan and add a teaspoon of the mixture inside.

- Remove the cookie cutter after cooking for 2-3 minutes and reaper the pancake and bake.

- Bake both sides well and remove them on the plate.

- Make a pancake with the rest of the mixture in the same manner.

- Served these pancakes with ketchup or sweet chutney.

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