Learn how to make food without an onion; Here's the recipe

Oct 10 2019 08:15 PM
Learn how to make food without an onion; Here's the recipe

Generally, you must have heard about the vegetable without onion and garlic, let's come to a similar trend in Jain society and today we are going to share with you how to make a vegetable without onion and garlic extremely tasty. It can be said that it is very effective in the prices of growing onions, where vegetables and garlic vegetables are made. Food without onion and garlic can be as tasty and savory as it is when you add onion and garlic. You must be wondering how this is possible, so let's know how to make delicious vegetables without onion and garlic.

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For this, you need to pay attention that if you are making vegetables without onion, then keep in mind that oil and spices should be added according to the vegetable. Apart from this, if you want to make tasty vegetables without onion then you can use these things. Use curd instead of onion. This is a great substitute for onions that will thicken the vegetable.

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When you are making tomato gravy, add some peanuts or almond grind to it. This will make the vegetable thick as well as tasty. If you want, instead of onion, you can use its green part called onion spring. Dried bread or rusk which is not sweet, add fine gravy to it. This will thicken it. You can use tomato puree to thicken the vegetable.

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