Recruitment of Assam Rifles needs to be stopped immediately, Know why

Several Dima Hasao student groups, including the Dimasa Students' Union (DSU), the All Dimasa Students' Union (ADSU), the Hrangkhol Students' Association (HKSA), the Hmar Students' Association (HSA), and the All Biate Students' Association (ABSA), have called for the temporary suspension of the Assam Rifles recruitment process in Haflong.

According to media reports, three suspected COVID-19 patients recently departed from Haflong Civil Hospital's COVID-19 testing unit without informing the hospital authorities, according to student leaders during a news conference held on Saturday at DSU's headquarters.

Later, it was found that the three suspected patients were from a neighbouring state who had recently been to Haflong to participate in the 11th Assam Rifles' recruiting procedure. That was a big worry since a single oversight by the authorities might put thousands of lives in jeopardy.

As a result, in the interest of the general population of Dimasa Hasao, student groups from various communities urged a temporary stop of the recruiting process. They also asked everyone in Dima Hasao to observe all of the COVID-19 guidelines that the district administration had set.

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