Watch, how this artist used recycled CDs to create the unique decoratives !!

We have seen many arts like drawing, painting, sketching, freehand painting, time lapse painting and much more. These all arts are the modifications of traditional art forms, but if there’s something unique in our ‘modern art’ is the way we use our limited resources in an effective manner. 

Have you ever noticed why artists never copied the same ideas as of other artists? Because art is all about your unique idea. As the technical field has technology lovers, they always come up with the featured cell phones, tablets, and PCs. To run their business every firm has to provide new technology to their consumers. Similarly, an artist should always create something new to be the ‘red spot in the black cloud’.

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Here is the most antique art presented by an Australian artist Sean Avery, when other people used to throw the useless CD into the trash, this artist glue them together and creates the unique fascinating decorative. Sean calls this creation as ‘sustainable art’. 
Watch his unique creations on the above slides.

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