Red Hat:IT firm has invested in startups in India

Apr 04 2016 12:53 PM
Red Hat:IT firm has invested in startups in India

IT firm Red Hat is actively flashing at investing in startups working on innovation, infrastructure and open source technologies to further accelerate its growth in the country for which the company has invested in startups in India and Israel.

Arun Oberoi ( Rat Hat Executive Vice President Global Sales and Service)said, "Everyone is attracted to social startups, although core startups in tech sector are fewer and fewer... Innovation, infrastructure and whether it can be open sourced are the exciting things Red Hat looks for in startups," 

 He further added, "India is a big consumer of information. This is the digital age where consumption of information is growing exponentially. If you look at Digital India, it is a great initiative because its the way to reach the villages,"

Similarly, new business models are coming up that will redefine the telecom sector and investments in this direction are already underway and these are exciting times,Oberoi said

Arun said,"Red Hat provides contemporary cloud centric services and refreshed applications. The key is not to discard the past and bring it along by linking to present day application. Our strategy is scale up and scale out,"

"For that, we are also focusing on expanding our headcount, bringing in talent pool from top engineering and business schools. Globally, we are creating the bandwidth to capture the massive opportunity in digital world," he said.

Red Hat's headcount in India is around 1,000 people, while overseas it has about 8,000 people.

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