Referring to Kumar Vishwas, PM Modi attacks Kejriwal

Chandigarh: Prime Minister Narendra Modi appeared in his colours while addressing an election rally in Abohar, Punjab. On the one hand, he made a scathing attack on the Congress over the statement of the brothers of Uttar Pradesh-Bihar, while at the same time, he did not leave the AAP. Referring to Kumar Vishwas' statement, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the reality of these people is coming out. In fact, Kumar Vishwas had said that Kejriwal was a supporter of separatists in Punjab. "One day, Kejriwal himself told me that he would either become the CM (of Punjab) or be the first PM of an independent nation (Khalistan).'

Kumar Vishwas said that Arvind Kejriwal had given this reply when asked about the separatist agenda in the 2017 assembly elections. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a scathing attack on this. Without naming Kejriwal, he said, "Once his companion and the person who worshipped Mother Saraswati has revealed about them. When the pain is too much, then it is revealed. Drunk with chaos and isolation, these persons do not know what my Punjab is. My Punjab has suffered so many wounds, but if anyone has been ahead in dying for this country, then it is my Punjab. This is the land of the gurus who had laid down their lives for India.

PM Modi said, "It is not just a matter, their intentions are far more dangerous. He has been an old trusted companion and as a poet and thinker, the younger generation across the country waits for him to listen to his poets' conventions across the country. Such a man said yesterday and the allegations made are very frightening. He said that these people are dreaming of breaking up Punjab. These people are also ready to join hands with separatists for power. If these people have to break the country to get power, these people are ready for that also. Their agenda and the agenda of the enemies of the country, the agenda of Pakistan is no different. Due to this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also attacked the AAP's promises. He said that some new people have come here. These people talk about the respect of Sikhs here, but in Delhi, no one has been made a minister. Here, we talk about making Punjab drug-free and every school in Delhi has open contracts. These are the people who attack the farmers of Punjab when pollution increases. Today let's talk about embracing farmers, will it go down anyone's throat?  

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