Director forgot to say cut, this actor who is 25 years older than Rekha kept kissing her
Director forgot to say cut, this actor who is 25 years older than Rekha kept kissing her

Rekha, who makes her own place in the film industry, is an actress who is in the headlines due to her acting, beauty and her controversies. In such a situation, people know Rekha for her acting and beauty and today is her birthday. Rekha had made everyone crazy with her strong acting, but apart from films Rekha also had a lot of controversies. Let us tell you that Rekha had made headlines since her first film.  Rekha's first film was 'Anjana Safar' and the film was shot in 1969, but the film was released after 10 years under the name 'Doh Shikari'. At the same time, a scene of this film had kept Rekha in the headlines overnight.

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The scene was actually a kissing scene, which is also mentioned in the book 'Rekha The Untold Story' written on Rekha's life. Let us tell you that in this scene, actor Vishwajeet had to kiss Rekha and Rekha was only 15 years old at that time. At that time, in Rekha, Rekha had stirred up a hero at this young age, 25 years older than her, and everyone had raised the matter a lot.

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It is said that on this scene of the film, the censor board tried to run the scissors and the matter reached the court and the court formed the Khosla committee. At the same time, the committee said after investigation, 'This scene is the personal matter of two people. If both of them have no objection in this, then no third had a say in this matter". After that, the matter had intensified that the cover story was published in America's 'Life Magazine' and the title of the story was- 'The Kissing Crisis of India'. According to reports, in this film, Rekha was shot without telling and Vishwajit kept kissing Rekha for 5 minutes and no one said anything. With this, director Raja Nawathe also did not cut and the scene went on.

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