Reliance broadens its value chain to enhance Mfg capability for solar panels

NEW DELHI: The move by Reliance Industries to develop end-to-end solar panel manufacturing in solar glass coatings provider, Caelux, represents A stake in  the development of end-to-end production capabilities for solar panels.

As it broadens its value chain to enhance capabilities in the production of solar panels and related materials, Reliance stated that it will pay USD 12 million to purchase a 20 percent ownership in the US-based solar-tech company Caelux. 

According to a report from Morgan Stanley, Caelux is testing its coating options for solar glass with nanomaterials called Perovskites (Calcium Titanium Oxide, a combination of metals and non-metals), which, when arranged in a specific way under the right circumstances, produce materials that can help improve the efficiency of the panels by up to 20 percent over the 25-year life of the solar panel.

Reliance had announced that it will produce its own glass panels, and we think Caelux technology will aid RIL in increasing panel efficiency to the desired 28 percent. Reliance has already ordered solar panel manufacturing equipment from Maxwell, China, and is utilising REC (using HJT technology unlike competitors) to increase its production capacity. The company is also gaining capabilities for solar glass panels, according to the source.

Also, it owns Sterling & Wilson, which has EPC capabilities, and its 20GW of internal electricity needs can serve as the foundational need for its new energy business.

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