People of number 4 should do these things to get success in life
People of number 4 should do these things to get success in life

New Year 2020 is about to arrive. Everyone is waiting for the new year. The new year is associated with new expectations and new challenges, new achievements, and milestones in life, which set the path of success for us. We must have assessed how the year 2019 was for us. Now on the arrival of New Year, we are going to tell you on the basis of numerology that what happiness the new year is bringing for you and what challenges are waiting for you, on which you will be successful after overcoming. You are also being told astrological measures, with the help of which you can make your year even better.

The year 2020: Horoscope of Number 4
The number four (4) represents Varuna (Uranus) planet or constellation. It is believed to be related to the Sun and the number one. The people of this number, while being serious, definitely have a supernatural personality. Those born on the 4th, 13th and 22nd of any month have a score of 4. There will be challenges from June to September, but there will be a solution as well. It will be less. But it is a matter of relief for you that the strength of the opponents will definitely decrease. There will be legal hurdles, but their solution will also be between June -2020 to September -2020. Being practical at a social level will reduce problems. Worshiping sun and moon throughout the year will yield fruit.

Home and Vehicle goods
These four months will be full of challenges, but they will also be for you with new tasks and successes. Between 28 June and 27 September will be an auspicious time to start new works. During the same period, vehicles and housing and other physical items will be received.

Be alert between March and April, coordination is necessary
There will be a benefit in terms of material happiness, but more work has to be done. An unpleasant event can occur between March 22 to April 19 for those with four digits. Therefore, family and social co-ordination will have to be maintained in the meantime.

Start work on such days, you will get success
The thing to note is that the four digits should execute their thoughts and actions on the matching days. These have matching numbers - dates 4, 13 and 22. The other dates corresponding to the four digits are -8,12,16 and 24. On these dates, there will be a full expectation of the success of the works. If you have influential days on these dates, it will be even better. On entering the Sun in the Libra zodiac, the four-digit person will succeed in self-work. Since this number are usually honest and sincere. Therefore, the coming year 2020 will be normal despite many upheavals.

Astrological remedy: Successful results of difficult work will also be found.
Four-digit natives become susceptible and vulnerable to stress unnecessarily. Therefore, to get rid of such negative thoughts, chant the mantra 108 times 108 times and add water to cow's milk and add a white flower, sandalwood, basil and two drops of sandalwood to it. While reciting the Kuru Swaha Mantra, offer the moon in the evening;

Lucky color of four digits: pink and brown.
Effective days: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.
Gems beneficial: Wearing blue, jamunia or sapphire would be beneficial

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