Religiophobia and India, Double standards?

India is known to be a ‘diverse’ country, home to many religions, equality in diversity is something the country is proud of, being a nation that doesn’t stand by or represent a particular religion, yet hate crimes on the basis of religion in the country are increasing with every passing day. 


Be it stone pelting, murdering, or raping a woman because of religion, there’s no shortage of it in the country, not only are these crimes praised by many but also the criminal is protected by the people of the community.


The one thing that all individuals should think about is the fact that, where exactly are we going as a society, and what does the future hold for us, how will we be able to work, eat, live, in the same country if minor things force us to show how ‘powerful’ or ‘superior’ once religion is from other. 


We expect the country to grow and move forward when we are not even ready to move on from our cultural biases. 


Recent happening in the country is the best example, solving a problem by killing someone is our ‘rightful thinking’. Our moral values and understanding of what is right or wrong have been long forgotten. 


There’s a fine line between defending one's beliefs and deciding that you’re the superior one.


How can we expect to have friendly relations with other countries, if there are no friendly relations within the country? 


It’s easy to blame the government, that’s how we make the government the scapegoat in every situation, what steps should the government take if we only want them to favor one and ignore the other. Whether we want the government to do right or do right according to one party, is what we should decide first.   

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