Congress leader's tweet on opening Parliament goes viral

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday dedicated the new Parliament building to the nation. The grand and state-of-the-art Parliament Building has been built according to the emerging aspirations and needs of India. In this program, 20 opposition parties have boycotted the inaugural program. At the same time, more than 25 teams attended the program. On the occasion of the inauguration of the new Parliament building, where opposition parties targeted the BJP, on the other hand, senior Congress leader Acharya Pramod Krishnan's tweet has come into the limelight. His tweet on the new Parliament building is becoming fiercely viral. He wrote- 'The gods started showering flowers and the donkeys started shouting. '


Veteran Congress leader Acharya Pramod Krishnan tweeted from his official Twitter handle, "Dharma Danda" was established, the gods started showering "flowers" and shouting "donkeys". #myparilamentmypride. In fact, this tweet of the Congress leader is also going viral because 20 opposition parties led by the Congress have boycotted the opening ceremony of Parliament House and all of them are attacking the central government and PM Modi over this event.  

Let us tell you, today i.e. May 28 is a historic day for Indian democracy. PM Modi inaugurated the new building of the Indian Parliament by installing the Sengol. This building built in triangular shape is special in many ways. In this, the seats of Lok Sabha have been given in the shape of the national bird peacock, while the seats of Rajya Sabha have been made in the shape of national flower lotus. Along with this, there is also a banyan tree in Parliament. The Parliament House has many unique shapes, which make it very attractive. On this occasion, PM Modi installed Sengol, the symbol of sceptre and justice, next to the seat of Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla.

While 20 opposition parties boycotted the inauguration of the new Parliament building, more than 25 parties attended the event. While Lalu Prasad Yadav's party, the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD), compared the Parliament house to a coffin, other opposition parties accused the BJP of doing politics on the pretext of a new Parliament.

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