Reports state that Ranbir is not the father, 17th August, Kumkum Bhagya

In the current episode, Ranbir brings Prachi some tea and requests that she sip it. He asks her how it is as she drinks it after he prepared it. She assures him that it is good before extending the tea. He sips it while admiring her lipstick stain and considers giving it a kiss. They receive word from Sahana that they have been called downstairs. Prachi follows her outside as he kisses the lipstick stain. When Rhea enters the room, she questions Pallavi's decision to call everyone. According to Pallavi, the hospital called and informed her that the reports were on their way.

Prachi goes to open the door when the doorbell rings. She takes the report and hands it to Rhea, telling her that she had been doubted her and that she should now proceed to read the report. Rhea worries that she will be found out, so she opens the report and is shocked. After reading it, Aaliya hands it to Pallavi. After reading it, Pallavi is shocked. What happened? Dida enquired. Pallavi informs Ranbir that he is not the father. Everyone is startled. Ranbir takes the report and tears it up, saying he doesn't care what it says because he trusts Prachi and that Siddharth will show up to put his mind at ease.

Rhea questions whether he is foolish to believe Prachi in light of these reports. As he leads Prachi into the room, Ranbir tells her that he believes his wife. Siddharth is chased by the thugs behind his taxi. Prachi is told by Ranbir not to consider how other people are feeling because he trusts her. He receives a hug and her thanks. The driver informs Siddharth that they must escape because they are being followed. Rhea is informed by Shaina that she used bribery to obtain the false reports. Pallavi's presence surprises Shaina, Rhea, and Aaliya.

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