Republic Day tableau controversy: Allegations that West Bengal, Kerala and Tamil Nadu are biased are baseless

State governments' claims that the rejection of their tableau from the Republic Day Parade on Rajpath is politically motivated have been rebuffed by the federal government. All of the CMs' assertions were denied by the government, it stated that the decision was taken by a group of non-political specialists and that it should not be confused with regional pride.

“This is a wrong precedent, adopted by Chief Ministers of states to portray an outcome of an objective process as a flashpoint between the Centre and the states. This goes a long way in harming the country’s federal structure.” The sources from the central government are reported to have stated. They also stated that these chief ministers have perhaps “no positive agenda of their own that they have to resort to the same old trick using misinformation year after year”.


This followed the rejection of several state tableaus for the R-Day parade, including those from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and West Bengal. All of the opposition states slammed the central government, claiming that everything was done on purpose.

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