President Donald Trump faces trouble, two ads reveals he is abusing power
President Donald Trump faces trouble, two ads reveals he is abusing power

Coronavirus has caused the most panic in America after China. The conservative group Republican for Rule of Law (RRL) released two new advertisements on Monday, detailing how President Donald Trump has allegedly tried to avoid all forms of oversight.

The group's latest videos regarding the case, which ran on Fox News' Fox & Friends, Tucker Carlson Tonight and Hannity, were presented by arguments in a hearing in the US Supreme Court on Tuesday. So that Trump can be blamed for the crimes in his office. On the other hand, Trump's legal team argues that wrongdoing cannot be investigated while in the office of the President.

For your information, Protect Democracy Policy Advocate Justin Veal said in a joint statement on Monday that, "At its core, our Constitution depends on the basic principle of checks and balances." "Neither the President, nor the Congress, nor the courts can have unlimited power. But President Trump clearly provoked the notion that those who misuse their power and then to avoid any accountability have a Play dangerous games. "

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