Scientists achieve major achievement, humans will now be able to have children on Mars as well

In the meantime, scientists around the world are doing  research on life outside the earth. Scientists have achieved great success in the search for life on other planets. Japanese scientists have performed the feat that has now reinforced the possibility of having children outside the earth.

According to the report, when the sperm of mice kept in space for nearly 6 years was brought back to earth by scientists, it produced healthy mice again. With this study, some experts have now claimed that the red planet means that humans can have children even on Mars. It is said that radiation can damage DNA and reduce fertility. But the new use has changed this perception.

In fact, in the use of mice by scientists, their sperm was frozen and kept in a high-radiation international space station for nearly 6 years. The same sperm was now brought back from the International Space Station. These sperms born space rat. These rats were absolutely fine. They did not see any genetic deficiency. The rat sperm at the space station was frozen at a temperature of minus 95 degrees for 5 years and 10 months. The study by Japanese experts was published in Science Advance on Friday.

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