Facebook blocks social #ResignModi media trend amid corona epidemic
Facebook blocks social #ResignModi media trend amid corona epidemic

New Delhi: People's anger is also growing amid the growing corona outbreak in Desh. People on social media site Facebook made the hashtag #ResignModi trend. Meanwhile posts made by Facebook with #ResignModi were blocked. However, he was restored a few hours later. Meanwhile, people on Facebook alleged that the hashtag has been put under pressure from the block government.

Facebook has clarified on the issue that the hashtag was accidentally blocked. This was not done at the behest of the Central Government. Tell us that some hashtags on Facebook are blocked due to automated guidelines, while some are manually blocked by the company. The hashtag was being trended on Thursday and the final phase of voting is underway in West Bengal today.

Tell you that there was a complaint from the user after Facebook blocked the hashtag. Some people termed it as an attack on democracy. Earlier on Tuesday, people had also expressed their anger against the government on Twitter. The hashtag Feldmodi had been trending on Twitter for a long time.


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