Know these Unexpected Reasons Why You Can't Sleep At Night

Jul 28 2019 09:27 AM
Know these Unexpected Reasons Why You Can't Sleep At Night

Some people don't sleep properly at night. They also take medicines several times to sleep. They try to sleep even if their sleep breaks down at midnight or later. So they experience fatigue and well-being throughout the day.  If this happens to you, you must know why. So let's know why.

bright light
Recent research has revealed that the light in your room can dissipate your sleep. Even if the room is too hot or cold, you may still get sleepy. The sound of the door or the light coming from somewhere can easily disturb your sleep at night. For a good night's sleep, your room should be dark, the room temperature should be fine and calm.

Like many other ailments, sleep disturbance can also be caused by stress. You are so upset about something that it has made you sleepless at night. It's really a disturbing thing. Find a solution soon and get out of this tension.

Restless Legs Syndrome
People suffering from this syndrome experience uncomfortable sensations in their legs and continue to shake their feet. These symptoms are more visible in the evening or at night when you are sleeping. Sometimes iron deficiency is the cause. Home remedies like home remedies can help you get good sleep to soothe your muscles.

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