Riddhi Dogra shared photo with ex-husband Rakesh
Riddhi Dogra shared photo with ex-husband Rakesh

TV actress Riddhi Dogra and her ex-husband actor Rakesh Bapat surprised everyone by getting divorced in the past and apart from this, both of them separated after seven years of marriage. But even after the divorce, a good relationship between the two is maintained. Riddhi has written a special note sharing the picture with ex-husband Rakesh. Riddhi wrote- "Everyone in the world talks about hate, regret, deception and pain. But nobody talks about the good things that are in this world. And I am talking about both of us here. We are so awesome. I am proud of the maturity shown by both of us."

"I am still happy and trusting each other even today. I am proud that both of us are still with each other and respect each other. In the name of the friendship”. Riddhi further wrote "in gratitude for #nichirenbuddhism-‘ If we are aware of our choice then what is humanity and what can it do for humans, I am thankful to #nichirenbuddhism for creating awareness. If you choose to stand above your negative feelings, then it opens your heart and the positive energies present in the world are inside you."

Ridhi further wrote, "Where there is no hope, there can be confidence, Where there is no scope of faith, there can also be trust. With every end, there is a new beginning. You just have to choose. Next time just note that this choice is made by your ego or your conscience. The ego will always try to defeat you, while the soul always thinks well of everyone." Riddhi and Rakesh got married on 29 May 2011 after being in a relationship for many years. But this marriage broke up after seven years. Although both are still good friends.



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