There is no cure for this girl's illness, everything goes wrong after every two hours

Sep 16 2019 05:07 PM
There is no cure for this girl's illness, everything goes wrong after every two hours

People in the world have different types of diseases, which do not even have any treatment and there is also a girl named Riley Horner who suffers from such disease and she is also very upset. Let us tell you that 16-year-old teenager Riley Horner suffered a head injury during the dance act, after which she is unable to remember anything for more than two hours and the doctors have also raised their hands in front of it.

Actually, the thing is that Riley was rushed to the hospital as soon as she was hurt, although, after many tests and scans, the doctors did not understand her illness and now doctors say that they know nothing about this disease then how could they give her any medicines. At the same time, Riley says that she is unable to remember anything and it is quite scary too. At the same time, people are not able to understand this and those people probably think that her story is a film story. On this, she told that "There is a calendar on the door of my room. I see it every day and I am happy to see the month of September. However, in a short time after the injury of my dance performance, until now I have no information about the moments in my life."

The girl further says on this that "I try a lot, although I do not remember anything and if I remember something, then I remember it till June 11 and then nothing". On the other hand, Riley and mother Sarah Horner have said that doctors told them that Riley's condition will improve with time, but this is not happening at all.

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