Rishabh Pant taunts Urvashi Rautela, said- 'Just trying to gain popularity by...'

Bollywood actress Urvashi Rautela and wicketkeeper-batsman Rishabh Pant's names were associated for a long time. There are talks about both of them so far, but now a new dispute has started between the two between them. In fact, a few days ago, the actress made a big statement about Indian wicketkeeper Rishabh Pant in gestures without taking names. Yes, the actress said that Pant was waiting on the hotel balcony to meet her. Now amidst all this, the star player also replied without taking names and said that the actress is just trying to gain popularity by taking his name.


Yes, Rishabh Pant responded to Urvashi's allegations by putting a story on his Instagram. You can see, he wrote in the story, 'It is a matter of laughter that some people lie in the interview so that they can gain popularity and get into the headline. How bad it is that some people are hungry for popularity. May God keep them happy. Leave me, sister, lies also have a limit.' Pant deleted the story after about seven minutes, but by then screenshots of it went viral on social media. Not long ago, Urvashi gave an interview in which she narrated the story of a Delhi hotel where an RP was waiting for her.

At that time she said "I came to Delhi after shooting in Varanasi where my show was to be held. I shot all day. When I came back after 10 hours of shooting, I was tired and came and slept. Mr RP came and he sat in the lobby waiting for me. He called me more than 17 times. Later, I told him to come and talk to me in Mumbai.'' At the same time, when Urvashi was asked who RP is, the actress refused to answer. However, after the video went viral, fans started speculating that Urvashi is talking about Rishabh Pant. After all, this happened, a new discussion started on social media and Rishabh Pant did not like all this, due to which he replied.

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