Rishi Nikam announced postponement of this event due to coronavirus

To promote India's rich culture, tradition and heritage, this one of its kind Artifact Movie Festival is organized every year in the city of Dewas, Madhya Pradesh. Under which cultural exchanges have been encouraged with different regions, states and countries. But the sixth edition of the Artifact Movie Festival to be held this year has been postponed till March. Rishi Nikam, the founder of the Indian Movie Director and Arti Film Festival has recently announced this. This year's Artifact film festival was scheduled to begin on February 7. But in view of the current spurt in coronavirus cases, the festival has been postponed for some time.

Emphasizing this theme, Rishi Nikam says, ''Every form of art also deserves its due recognition and praise. Unfortunately, short movies have not got the same acceptance and due respect as their longer counterparts. By Artifact Movie Festival we were trying to bring some changes in the scenario. Even though the festival was postponed for a while, which is also justified considering the rising number of COVID cases, the new date will be announced soon. We expect positive results from our efforts soon."

Not only this, Rishi has already partnered with some popular OTT platforms in this regard. About 2000+ directors, writers and popular arts eminent Priya Bhattacharya from around the world, film - The Last Letter; Donna Roy, Film- Bhetki; Sonali Pawar, Movie- Fox Passi; Parushi Gupta, Movie- Jaago; Runa Mukherjee Parikh, Film- Maa; Like the talents are expected to participate in the festival. This year's Artifact Festival is committed to highlighting humanity, women's films and environmental movies among the audience. According to media reports, Rishi Nikam is going to present the topic of the Artifact Movie Festival and will have a meaningful discussion about humanity, women-films and experiences of women movie makers. The festival aims to pave the way for the discovery of award-winning films and give filmmakers the recognition they really deserve.

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