Water of this river has turned into acid, find out how?

There are scattered places in the world which are famous for some reason or the other. Now today we are going to tell you about a place where the water of a river suddenly turned into acid. Yes, you can't believe it, but it's true. In fact, we are talking about Scotland, where the water of a river suddenly turned into acid. Now the pictures of that river there are going viral fast.

Let me tell you all that the water of the Polmadi Burn River flowing in Glasgow, Scotland, suddenly turned yellow. Pictures of the same were shared at several places. Here, as soon as people initially saw the colour of the water yellow, they thought it was a miracle. It was later discovered that it was the result of human actions. A factory on the banks of the G Darsal river had left its dirt in the river and due to this the water of the river turned yellow. On the other hand, when the river water was checked and the investigation revealed shocking things.

Just as the water in the river had turned into acid and even a drop of it could easily burn the skin. Now think about what would have happened to someone who had accidentally consumed this water. More importantly, the water of this river is used by many people, because there are many houses on the banks of the river, which are used by its people.

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