Truck hit the bike-riding family, three died on spot

Fatehabad: A young man, a woman and a girl were hit by a truck in the village of Hijrth Khurd. All three died on the spot. The truck driver who fled the scene was captured by villagers about 1 kilometer away, while the operator escaped. Mahendra (30), a resident of Honey combed in Punjab, was going to leave his sister Nirmala (35) and nephew Parul (5) to her in-laws Shoemaker Chopara (Fatehabad).

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According to the information received from sources, the speeding truck, which was coming from behind near village Hijrth Khurd, crushed them. The trio died on the spot. After the crash, the driver and his partner escaped with the truck. After going about 1 kilometer away, people nearby grabbed him. While the operator escaped. Fatehabad police have sent the bodies Fatehabad a civil hospital for postmortem.

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At the same accident, an unruly car bike hit the Chauparan police station area and fell down the bridge. Three people died in the crash. The dead include two car riders and a bike rider. While five people have been injured. Police seized the damaged vehicles.


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