Road accident leads to the death of a man

Aug 05 2020 11:42 AM
Road accident leads to the death of a man

Accidents take place every now and then in the city and many times due to accidents many people lose their lives. The tragedy took place in Telangana's Suryapeta district. As per the details, along with relatives a young man on his way to Attarinti died in a road accident. He lost his life on the spot when a tractor carrying farm implements collided with his vehicle and an iron plow pierced his throat. The incident took place on Tuesday night at Mote Mandal Junction in the Suryapeta district. 

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As per the sources, Bandla Santosh from Venkatagiri area of ​​Khammam town was going to his relative's house in Kakaravai, Tirmalayapalem Mandal in the same district. There he greeted them and then at night he rode his bike to Atmakur (S) in Suryapeta district which was his mother-in-law's hometown. On the other hand, a tractor was going from Botatanda to Atmakur (S) zone at Solipuram in Thirmalayapalem zone to do farm work. 

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A long iron plow was placed horizontally at the rear beyond the tractor engine. As it was night time it was not visible in the dark and then suddenly it plunged deep into the throat of Santosh who was coming from the opposite side. He died on the spot after being dragged some distance as well. A case was registered by the local police there. His family members are weeping over the death of Santosh in a road accident on his way to Attarinti.

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