Robbery in courier office, employees attacked with rods

Five miscreants attacked courier office in Shiva Valley, Bikaner, on Sunday night. The office staffer was beaten up by the miscreants and fled with Rs 5 lakh from the premises. Five miscreants had entered the courier office unexpectedly, according to local media reports. Saria had been brought by the criminals, who wounded the employee. After the miscreants escaped, the event was reported to the police.

At the moment, police officers raced to Ranidan, followed by CO Sadar Pawan Bhadoria. The whole area was also roped off and sealed by police. It's possible that the crooks were on their way out of Nokha Road after looting. Police have also begun an inquiry using CCTV cameras that have been installed in the area.


Shiva Valley, where operates a courier office, is a barren location, according to police, and the road is mainly bright in the evenings. The heist took occurred about 9 p.m. when the miscreants entered. There was just one employee who was assaulted with sarees at the time. With injuries, he was transported to PBM Hospital. Where he's being cared for.

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